May 17, 2013

The Truth About Weight Loss Shakes

Ideal Shape Shakes Chocolate Milkshake
Everyone loves the milkshake, but the truth is that they are extremely high in calories and fat and don’t offer much in terms of nutrition other than calcium. Dieters often crave milkshakes because of the sugar and fat that they include, which are generally not good for anyone on a diet. But, weight loss shakes are a viable alternative to unhealthy traditional milkshakes, and in many cases they offer nutritional value that you might not even get in a normal meal.

What Are Weight Loss Shakes?

There are actually several different types of weight loss shakes available, even though they may all look the same on the shelves of your local grocery store. Some shakes are designed to simply take the place of a full meal, and these are called meal replacement shakes. They traditionally have 200 to 300 calories and a fair amount of nutrition in them.

Then, there are other types of weight loss shakes that have added ingredients such as metabolic boosters such as caffeine, or high amounts of protein which can make you feel satisfied or full.

Can These Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss shakes can help you lose weight when they are used as part of an overall weight loss program. Simply exchanging one meal for a shake a day and doing nothing else may not provide you results, because you could end up making up those lost calories at the next meal. The other thing to keep in mind is that weight loss shakes, when bought in a grocery store, tends to be somewhat pricey, and not something that you can afford to eat on a regular basis.

Are These A Permanent Answer To Weight Loss?

The truth is that weight loss shakes are not a permanent answer to weight loss, because they do not train you on how to live a healthy lifestyle and eat properly. But, if you are looking to shed pounds quickly and then rebuild your life and healthy fashion, then these can help.

The real key to using weight loss shakes is to make sure that you don’t overdo it, and that you still eat at least two normal meals a day. By doing so, you will ensure that you get the proper amount of nutrients that you need as well as protect your body from going into “starvation mode”. This is often occurs when you go on an extremely low-calorie diet and your body begins to hold on to stored fat because it is does not “know” its next meal is coming. Many long-term dieters have permanently altered their metabolic rate by doing this.

If you are thinking of using weight loss shakes as a way to lose weight, then make sure you choose one that is scientifically proven to work, contains proper nutrients, including protein and all of your daily vitamins and minerals, and preferably also contains some type of appetite suppressant to help curb your hunger. Taste is absolutely imperative when it comes to weight loss shakes, because they do have a tendency to be unpleasant at times. Therefore, you might have to try a few different brands before you find one that you actually really enjoyed. Some people also find them to be more realistic when mixed with ice and put into a blender, though that can be a lot of work.

Which Weight Loss Shakes Really Work?

One of the most popular weight loss shakes right now is made by a company called Ideal Shape. These weight loss shakes are more than simply meal replacements – they actually help to block your hunger so that you will eat less at every meal. Many people who use shakes as meal replacement find that they are hungry all the time, but that is not the case with Ideal Shape.

The other benefit of these shakes is that they have complete nutrition in them, so you will have just the right amount of energy and be as healthy as possible. Each shake contains five grams of fiber, 11 grams of protein, and 21 different vitamins as well is an all-natural hunger suppressant, too.

All in all, this method of meal replacement seems to be very effective for most people, and is a great way for you to have delicious shakes and control your calories at the same time.

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